Advanced Open Water
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, Advanced Plus and Adventure Diver

Having completed the PADI Open Water course you may well feel perhaps a little apprehensive to venture underwater unescorted by your Dive Instructor. You will be keen to try out your newly acquired diving skills and try out different types of diving such as Night, Deep and Drift diving. This is what the Advanced Open Water course is all about.

Do not be confused by the word Advanced. This course is designed as a confidence builder to the newly certified diver. Introducing the diver to different types of diving. There are no quizzes or written tests. Practical skills learnt during the Open Water Course like mask removal are not required for assessment on this course.

Advanced Diver learning Navigation Skills

The Advanced Open Water Course introduces you to five specialty diving activities under instructor supervision. You are required to complete two core dives. The Deep Dive and Navigation Dive.

The other three dives are called Elective dives. These are selected by the student and instructor according to location and environmental conditions. Each dive counts towards the relevant specialty course. This cuts the cost of completing the Specialties. If you complete five specialties and the Rescue Diver you will then qualify for the Master Scuba Diver rating. This is the highest non-professional rating in Scuba diving. Another option for those with time constraints is the Adventure Diver certification. Any three dives from the Advanced open Water course qualify you for this rating. These also go towards your full Advanced Open Water certification.

Who may participate?
Minimum age for this course is 12 years old. With restrictions for participants under 15 years. You must either hold the PADI Open Water certification or have equivalent certification with another diving organisation. If you have not made a dive for some time a Scuba Review will be required. Divers aged between 12 and 15 receive the junior Advanced, which will be upgraded upon reaching 15 years of age.

What does the Course cover?

1. Course Orientation
2. Core Dives
3. Elective Dives

What is the Advanced Plus Course?

The Course Fees

Booking Advanced, Advanced Plus and Adventure Courses
To book any of these courses simply fill in the booking form, return it with a deposit of £100. State any dates that we may have given you. We will then send you your manual and instructions for which sections to complete. Please read, fill in and sign the Medical Statement, Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding, Liability Release and Express Assumption of Risk forms. Return them to us at the start of the course. You will also require two passport-sized photos.

Don't forget to bring your logbook.

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