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helen 1

Fund raising for Helen
Fund raising for a little 5 year old girl from Manila, The Philippines. This girl was born with severe Face deformities. Blind in one Eye. Her mum gave birth to her Age 13. She lives in a horrible Slum . Her Grandparents who often care for her live on the Streets. She is a bright young girl who wants to go to school. I,m now organising Surgery, Future plans for care and Education. Help Helen have a Future we all take for granted, Please click on above image for photos of Helen more info and to Donate. Thank you

tony deep

deep diver
Congratulations Tony and Caitlin for completing the PADI Deep diver course in November. Lots of fun and getting to 40m deep safely and staying warm in your dry suits. well done

caitlin navy

deep diver
Congratulations to Caitlin and Tony for completing there Deep diver training in NDAC in November. They did brilliant and now can dive safely to 40m, Well done It was lots of fun

Advanced ow 2015

Well done to the new PADI Openwater divers 2017
Congatulations to Chloe,Will, Reuben, Basia and Tom for completing there PADI Openwater diver training. look forward to diving with you again soon.

rescue divers

New Rescue divers 2017.
Congratulations to Caitlin, Brandon and Leo for completing there PADI Rescue Diver course. The course was of fun and effort for all students. We had a seal dive with the children at the end which made a perfect finish to the course.

Advanced 2017

Congratulations to new Advanced Openwater Divers 2017
Congratulations to Tim Arun and Charlie on completion of there PADI Advanced Openwater course well done.

OW Blue team

Blue team Openwater July 2016
Well done to Tim Charlie and Arun for completing there PADI Openwater Course. Look forward to taking you diving in the sea soon.

rescue divers

Well done Rescue Diver 2015
Well done to Iwan and Harry for completing there PADI Rescue diver course. They are now Better, stronger and safer divers. Good Job.

Red Openwater 2015

New Openwater divers
Congratulations to Leo and Josh for completing there PADI Openwater diver. The Adventure has just begun.

Advanced ow 2015

Congratulations to Advanced Ow divers 2015
Well done to Caitlin, Ford, Antony and Lee on completing the PADI Advanced Openwater diver in August.

new red team 2015

Welcome new red team 2015
Welcome to Kitty, Millie, Amelia, Alex, Byron and Louis On joining the red seal team 2015.

new blue team

Congratulations to Chloe, Charlotte, Zeke and Jude on completing your PADI seal team member course. Well Done.

Blue team  openwater

Congratulations to Blue team
Well done to Caitlin, Bethan, Ellie and Ford For completing there PADI Junior Openwater diver on 31st August 2014. Brilliant job. Thank you to Richard , Dorothy and DM John for all there help. And a big thanks to the Parents for there support. Getting up early and Cakes!

Dry suit Divers

Young Dry Suit Divers
Congratulations to Iwan. Harry and Jasmine for completing There PADI Dry suit Specialty diver Course. Well Done. All had great Dry diving day.

Green team

New seal team starting 27th September
Once a year I start a new group with the PADI seal team. The next starts on 27th September 2013. Limited spaces So please book early to secure your place. Look forward to hearing from you .

Chldren in need

Children in need
Thank you all for raising nearly £500 for Children in need. And thank you all for coming to the fance dress pool party event and joining in the games. Great to see so many of you helping to raise money for those Children that are not as lucky as most of us. Happy new year Trevor

Children in Nova 1 oct 12

October 2012 Bristol harbour
What a great day on the water in Bristol Harbour. Thais, Jazz, Richard and Dominic had great fun and a good learning experience. Weather was fantastic! Thank you all for coming. Will do it again soon

red seal team

Christmas pool Party
To all Seal/Turtle team divers past and present. We are having a pool party/ Children in need fun raisng pool session just for us. Held at Kingswood leisure Centre from 5pm till 7pm on Satudray 1st December 2012. It would be great to see all past and present aquaturtles . Please contact me to confirm you are coming. Its Fancy dress and lots of games. To Start the fundraising, contact me Thanks Trevor

red seal team 2012

Rea Seal Team 2012
Congatulations to Ellie, Ania, Harry.Louis and Ford for completing the PADI seal team at end of June 2012. Well done look forwrd to teaching you Master seal tean very soon

Green team 2012

Green team Openwater divers 2012
Congratulations to Jasmine, James, Iwan and Harry on passing there PADI Openwater this July 2012 at Vobster. Well done brilliant job and thanks to all the helpers, good job well done

rescue divers

rescue divers
Well done to Dorothy, Laura, Sophie, Richard and Ciaran for completing the PADI Rescue diver course earlier this year. They all did fantastic during this very individually challanging course. well done

sea survival

Sea Survival team
Congratulations to all the team that Completed the Sea Survival course at Portland on 27th October. It was a fun day with important learning taking place about respect for our seas. Included a trip to Life boat station Thanks to Weymouth RNLI for there help.

Digital foto

Digital Foto Speciallty
Well done to Rachel Wooster who Completed a Digital Foto Specialty in Chepstow on 4th September. Great pictures lots of fish and sunshine,

Dry Suit

Dry suit Diver
Congratulations to Dorothy for completing Dry sit diver course. I think Dorothy like to be warm and dry.

Red Team Openwater

Red Seal Team OpenWater
Congratulations to Josh, Brandon and Dominic. They Successfully Completed there PADI Junior Openwater Diver certifictation at Brixham. Well done boys.

gabbie rich

New Advanced Openwater Divers
Congratulations to our new Advanced Openwater divers: Gabbie , Sophie. Laura, Dorothy, Josh, Richard and Ciaran. All Had a great Day at Vobster Quay completing Deep dives and a great dive around the Aeroplane. Well Done we look forward to many more dive adventures with you all in the Future.A big THANKS to steph for her brilliant help making the day run very smooth.

Jurassic coast

Help save the Oceans and Join Project aware
PADI has just exciting new Project aware site. Please Join to join forces and help save our seas oceans and planet.

Nova 1 kids

Bristol Harbour Boat training
We had a great day in Bristol harbour. All had a turn of driving the boat. Waved to everybody. Learn basic boat safety. Thank you all for coming. Will make this a regular event.

Ann Dry suit

Dry suit repairs
Please check out our prices for dry suit repairs by clicking on above picture link. You can contact me for all your scuba equipment servicing enquiries. I will do my very best to give you the best service possible. Pick up and delivery service offered at no extra cost within a reasonable distance. Quick turn around. 20 years servicing experience.

vobster  nov 10

Vobser Navigation group Two
Congratulaions to Gabbie, Richard and Josh for successful completion of the PADI Navigation dive. They all did very well, increasing there dive skills with working as a buddy team and group, Compass skills and Bouyancy control. A big thanks to Amanda for stepping in the last minute to be my assistant. All in all a great day with good visability!


Vobster Navigation day
Congratulation to Ciaran, Sophie, Laura and Dorothy for completing The PADI Navigation dive Towards there PADI Advanced Openwater. Navigation is such an important skill and they all are able to Navigate the Square, straight line and more. Well Done.

gabbie rich

Adventure weekend
We had a great weekend at Portland with the Blorange team, Photo, wreck and Boat dives. Thanks for coming

Orange 2

Orange 2 team
Now at Portishead the Orange 2 team get stuck into the PADI seal Team program

Blue team OW

Well Done Blue Tream
Congratulations to Dorothy, Laura, Harvey and Josh For Successfully Completing The PADI Junior Open Water course at Portland. Thank you Ali our Divemaster and Captain Carla. Obrigado Muito. Great job

Orange team PADI

Well Done Orange Team
Congratulations to Gabbie, Sophie, Ciaran and Richard of the Orange team. They are all now Junior Open Water divers. They all did brilliant. Well done. Thanks to Instructor Sammy and Skipper Carla for all there help.

Orange seal team

Portishead Open air Pool
We are now at Portishead Open Air pool from Monday 19th July 2010. Please let us know if you woukd like to join us for try dives, pool parties and PADI courses.

aquaturtle logo

Second Hand Dive Euipment
I have a a few complete sets of as new but used dive Equipment for sale. All serviced and ready to go at very good Prices. Also interested to purchase your unwanted dive Equipment. Pleaee get in contact to find out more details.

Matt & Greg

Congratulations Matt & Greg
Congratulations to Matt and Greg who completed there Powerboat level one and two at Portland. Was a great few days on the Sea.

yellow team

Yellow team
Welcome to the new Yellow Seal team, William, Jack and James.

Green team

The Green team
Welcome to the new Green Team, Iwan, Brandon, Luke, Marcus and Michael.

Orange seal

Kingswood leisure centre will be closed this year for a minimum of 12 weeks starting from 2nd August.

Orange seal team

All Seal Team Dates
For all Seal teams. Now all dates for pool meetings are on here. Please look on the Trips & Events page. You can also click on the above picture. Hope this is helpful Thanks Happy Diving. Best wishes Trevor

Ann Dry suit

Dry suit Specialty
Congratulation Ann for Completing the PADI dry suit course in record low temperature's. Course Completed at Vobster Quay. Air Temp -5 Water + 6 Well done Ann

Callun ADV

Congratulations to Callum
Callum Completed his Advanced OpenWater course on 28th November 09 Callum did his training in Vobster Quay and Chepstow NDAC And Showed Very good Bouyancy Control During the course. Well done Callum

Advanced Alice

Congratulations to Alice
Alice O'Connor Successfully Completed her Advanced OpenWater Course in Majorca on 21st November 09. Alice has had a wide variety of dives in the fresh cool water of Vobster Quay, Portland and Brixham as well as the warm clear waters of Majorca. Well done Alice


Congratulations Rachel
Well done Rachel for Completing the PADI Advanced Open Water Course. Rachel completed Dives off the South coast from Portland, Vobster Quay and Chepstow NDAC as well as Majorca. Giving her a wide range of Diving Experiences and adventures.

RYA OCT 09 2

RYA Level 2 class 2
Well done Caroline and Ben on successful completion of your RYA Powerboat course. Lots more fun over the weekend with great weather for the course. Sunshine and a nice breeze.

RYA OCT 09 3

Congratulations Isabelle, Jacob and Hugo on sucessful completion of the RYA level 2 on 24-25th Oct 09. It was a great weekend

Orange seal team

Orange seal team
The Orange seal team Got together in Lulworth cove on 23rd August. Great time had by all, Snorkelling, Boat handling. Orange team: Sophie, Gaby, Richard. Ciaron and young Domonic from Red seal team. Thanks to Carla for all her help. Muito Obrigado Carla .

Countess of Erne

Portland weekend Aug 2nd
Great day's diving in Portland on 2nd August. Amanda and Warren found the Toilett, Head on the Countess and an excellent drift dive had by all from Church Ope Cove north to Grove Point. Weather was very nice, sunny and only light winds. Thank you all for coming.

red seal team

The New Red Seal team
Welcome to our new Red Sea team, Thais, Finnlay, Josh, Dominic, Kristian. and Joshua. Just started The PADI seal team. Aquamission one last night 17th July. Well done all of you.

News 4

New Open Water Divers
Congratulations to Georgina and Harrison on completing and Passing the PADI Open Water course on the weekend of 11th 12th July. Well done to you both. Hope you have some great dives in Africa Georgina. I look forward to seeing you both soon to continue your diving. And a Big Thank you to Corinne and Richard for great team work. All the help they gave with Divemaster duties, boat driving and Supervision made the weekend a great success. Thank you

Jurassic coast

Jurassic coast
Join us exploring the Jurassic coast. Look on trips and Events page.

Durdle door girl's

End of June 09
Great Dives, Warm sea's got between 15 and 17 degrees C. Vis was fantastic, 10m plus at Durdle door. Thank you for coming. Great time had by all. Look forward to seeing you all again.

aquaturtle logo

New Logo
Aquaturtle Has a new Logo. We have Backpacks ready to sell. Also will have teeshirts, hats and everything you can imagine with Logo's on.

Colin and Carina

Master Scuba Diver
Congratulations to Colin Mc Farlane on achieving the highest none professional PADI qualification of Master Scuba diver. Colin Has been the boat driver and Photographer for aquaturtle for many years. Carina Pinto in the picture also has her Master Scuba Diver certification. Wish you Many happy dives to come

Orange seal

Congratulations to the Orange Seal Team for recently completing the skills and dives. Ciaran, Richard, Michael, Sophie, and Gabrielle. Well done

Blue Sea

Congratulations to the Blue seal team who completed there Seal team skills and dives recently. Laura, Emma, Dorothy, Josh and Harvey. Well done


Everybody had a great time in Majorca, The Weather was excellent while we were there. Congratulations to Helen, Helena, Rachel and Emma for completing and passing the PADI Openwater course We all seen Octopus, Barracuda and many other fish